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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 00:00

The correct way to floss

Written by  Dr. Sharde Harvey
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Doctor, what is the correct way to floss? I floss but I'm not sure if I am doing it correctly!

How many times a week does a patient say this to me?

At least twice a week. Many patients think that the reason why they should floss is to get the plaque out  of their teeth. Truthfully, this is not the reason why you should floss.

Flossing daily is recommended for healthy teeth and gums. But the reason for flossing is not so you can get the plaque out of your teeth! Rather, it is to stir up the bacteria!! Sounds ridiculous right? But it's true. Stirring up the bacteria with a simple piece of floss prevents them from grouping together. A process called colonization. Only when they colonize can they cause disease, producing acids and other toxins.

Flossing is also the single most cheapest dental item you can buy in any drugstore. So why don't we do it more often? We are busy, it takes time, it is cumbersome, requires manual dexterity. In my office, I recommend Reach Access flossing device. As long as you don't have bridges, this works marvelously. if it doesn't then your restorations may need to get checked by your dentist. Floss should go in nicely between teeth without shredding, breaking and getting stuck. If it doesn't call your dentist for a check up!

Keep flossing patients, even 3 times a week makes a difference. And every day is even better!


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