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teeth whitening nycWe provide teeth whitening NYC patients use to transform their smiles.  A bright, white smile is a sign of youth and good health.  By simply whitening your teeth, you can take years off of your appearance and smile with confidence.  This procedure is extremely popular because it is fast and easy to complete with no recovery time.  This means that even the busiest of New Yorkers can squeeze in teeth whitening and a trip to our dentist office.

We often hear questions from patients that suffer from tooth sensitivity, asking if the procedure will be right for them.  In order to answer that question, we will first need to conduct an examination. However, the American Dental Association did publish a report in 2009 that addressed this issue.  Entitled, “Tooth Whitening/Bleaching: Treatment Considerations for Dentists and Their Patients”, the report suggests that patients, concerned about sensitive teeth, brush with a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate prior to having their teeth whitened and afterwards for as long as necessary.  This ingredient can be found in many desensitizing toothpastes and using it is as easy as brushing your teeth. Simultaneously, the ADA also recommended having dentists place potassium nitrate into whitening trays and applying it to the teeth for ten to thirty minutes before applying a bleaching agent.  These solutions can help to diminish any potential sensitivity or irritation.

If you have sensitive teeth, there are other factors to consider. Teeth that are sensitive on a daily basis are likely this way because the enamel has eroded from their teeth, exposing porous dentin underneath.  Since the dentin contains nerve endings, when something touches the tooth, it causes irritation.  If too much of the enamel has worn away another option, like having dental crowns placed around the teeth, may be a better solution.  A dental crown surrounds the tooth like a cap so that nothing can touch it directly. This works as a protective barrier which in turn, prevents sensitivity.  In our dental office, we provide teeth whitening NYC patients depend on but if this is not the right treatment for you, we will recommend tooth-colored dental crowns or another solution like dental veneers.

Patients with their enamel intact, will typically not experience any sensitivity unless they have a cavity, infection or gum disease.  In this scenario, we will need to treat any health problems prior to addressing the cosmetic ones.  It is unwise to let any type of cavity or infection linger untreated, as the longer it remains, the more damage that can be done.  Additionally, we would never want to place a bleaching agent directly onto an infected tooth so if we notice any of these problems we will work with you to create a treatment plan that addresses all of your, and our, concerns.

Those with healthy teeth can schedule a teeth whitening NYC patients count on to improve the appearance of their teeth.  By performing the treatment in our office, we can eliminate the risk of accidentally whitening infected teeth or inadvertently overexposing your teeth to the solution.  This will ensure both comfort and dramatic results.



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