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New York DentistAs a New York dentist, our clients frequently ask us about ways that they can keep their teeth healthy and strong.  This is understandable because it is far better to stay healthy, then to experience the discomfort that comes from an oral infection.  We recommend visiting our office and having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year in order to prevent cavities and gum disease.  While this is extremely effective at decreasing the overall risk of cavities, it is not enough to protect your teeth without good hygiene at home.  

We recommend that you start with a good diet.  What you eat can either positively or negatively impact your oral health.  For example, most people don’t realize that foods high in acid are the worst thing you could eat for your teeth.  Acid can attack your teeth and start to wear away the enamel.  As the enamel goes away, your teeth can become sensitive to both hot and cold and be more susceptible to cavities. If, instead of eating foods high in acid and sugar, you eat healthy food you can help to strengthen your teeth.  Your diet should include green leafy veggies, crunchy vegetables, nuts, lean protein and dairy.  These foods can help to remineralize and strengthen your teeth.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, consider replacing the beverages you drink with water.  Drinking water is good for the health of your entire body, and it helps you to produce more saliva.  Your body uses saliva to naturally wash away food particles and bacteria.  Drinking it throughout the day can also help you to have fresher smelling breath, something many patients ask about in our New York dentist office. 

You should also brush your teeth two to three times a day using a soft toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste.  When you do brush, move in a circular pattern in order to push food and bacteria towards the center of your mouth.  This will help to keep bacteria off of your gums, important for preventing gum disease.  In between brushing, you can keep your teeth healthy by chewing sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol.  This is a key ingredient for oral health because Xylitol can prevent bacteria from creating acid that attacks the teeth. Your risk of getting a cavity can be greatly reduced by simply brushing your teeth and chewing Xylitol gum.  

Another way, that we strengthen teeth in our New York dentist office, is by performing fluoride treatments.  When fluoride is placed onto your teeth, it will serve to strengthen them and reduce the risk of cavities. This is typically done for children under sixteen but can work for adults as well.  If your teeth have deep ridges, we can help to prevent bacteria from gathering in between them by using dental sealant.  This will fill in those spaces and make the teeth smooth. These are two of the preventative procedures that we can perform.  When you combine regular dental cleanings with these tips and solutions, you will remain in good oral health.