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If you are considering dental implants in NYC, you have started down the road to a permanent solution for replacing teeth. While there are lots of people who lose teeth, a large number of them are still struggling with antiquated technology. Dental implants in NYC are the future. Today, we have the tools and the technology to make it so that you won't even realize which tooth you have lost and which one was surgically replaced. Other technologies are still struggling with things like clips and brackets. Take our denture-wearing patients. Patients that use dentures are very familiar with the struggles they have when trying to insert their dentures or remove them for cleaning. In addition, you have the struggle with the chemical adhesives that are needed to hold the dentures in place. Forget about peace of mind. All it takes is one embarrassing moment where your dentures get loose or, worse, you forget them when you are going somewhere important. Dental implants take away all of these risks and inconveniences.
Dental implants in NYC use the latest technology to give you a solution that looks great and also works below the surface to ensure that your jawbone is strengthened as well.  The implanted post is made of titanium and titanium, it was discovered, has the unique ability to meld with organic tissue like bone. When this happens, the body is convinced that the prosthetic device, in this case, your implant, is part of the body and provides support accordingly. What this does for the implant is provide it with strength and stability. For the jaw, the insertion of a dental implant brings back critical stimulus and support from the body.

Believe it or not when you lose teeth, while it is extremely inconvenient for you, it is far more of a loss to your jawbone. This is because your jaw has one primary function to fulfill, from the body's perspective, and that is the support and strengthening of your teeth. As such the jawbone has a symbiotic relationship with your teeth. In exchange for providing a strong anchor, the jaw receives stimulation by the teeth every time you bite or chew something. When you lose a tooth that stimulation goes away. The lack of stimulation sends a signal to the body that the jawbone is no longer required, and the body starts to dissolve the bone in a process known as resorption. Essentially denied of critical nutrients and leached of calcium, the bone can lose a great deal of mass which in turn will adversely affect your facial structure. Dental implants in NYC can be used to stop the process of resorption and help to restore the strength of the jawbone so that your facial structure can be preserved.  This is critical because if you don't replace lost teeth, you could develop an older and sagging appearance, deep wrinkles, and even a sunken chin. As such, we specialize in placing implants that can help to restore the lost bone density and your appearance.



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