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veneers-dentist-in-nycAs a veneers dentist in NYC, we provide dental veneers for patients looking to restore or improve their teeth.  Dental veneers are a thin strip of porcelain which we use to remove and replace damaged enamel with. They are extremely thin, which makes them very malleable and that allows us to fix a large number of problems relatively easily. The important thing about dental veneers is that they have many of the same qualities as your natural enamel. They are both extremely hard substances, which provides for longevity. They are also both extremely brittle, which means you cannot do foolish things like using your teeth as a tool. Essentially dental veneers are a replacement to enamel, which look and feel exactly the same.

Do dental veneers work for everyone?

Typically the answer to this question is yes; dental veneers do work for everyone. However, it is important to place a caveat to this statement because in very rare cases there are patients that cannot have dental veneers placed. To make sure that you do not have any condition that might interact badly with the veneer, or prevent the veneers from being properly placed, we will schedule a first consultation and examination. This examination has two purposes. First it makes sure that you are an excellent candidate to receive dental veneers. The second is to catch anything that might cause complications later in the process, and work to correct this before we proceed with the dental veneers. Most people have no issues, or very minor issues that are easily corrected, and we can move directly to start the process.

How does a veneers dentist in NYC attach the veneers?

Once we have examined you and cleared you for the procedure, determining that you are an excellent candidate for dental veneers, it is time to pick the shade of them. You can either chose to keep the same tones as your current teeth or change them to a white version. We create each veneers to be custom made for your needs. We will shave off a small portion of your enamel, typically only a few millimeters, before placing a temporary veneer on your tooth. Removing the enamel allows us to place the dental veneer flat, or flush, with the rest of your tooth, giving you that essential smooth feeling. We will take careful measurement and mold the veneer to perfectly fit the tooth we are repairing. Once we are sure that the veneer does not affect your bite, that it is perfectly placed, and that it is the right shade, we will go ahead and cement the dental veneer to your tooth.

What problems do dental veneers fix?

As a veneers dentist in NYC, we offer dental veneers because they are a very versatile solution. They have been made popular by the Hollywood idea of a perfect smile, and indeed they can be used to give you straighter and whiter teeth. They are also used extensively to repair minor chips, cracks and breaks in the tooth since they are less invasive than other techniques like dental implants or dental crowns. Veneer can also be used to correct minor imperfections in tooth placement, bite issues, and for straightening crooked teeth.



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